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An Open Letter to the Red Cross CEO: Bryan Barkley Dismissal / Traditional View on Marriage


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A couple of months ago, a long-term Red Cross volunteer, Bryan Barkley was dismissed because of his traditional view about marriage and the inappropriate use of that term for same-sex relationships.  Since his dismissal, the Red Cross has received an outpouring of public disapproval of their action.  I thought it was important to add my voice, so the CEO in Britain received the following from me….

Dear Mr. Adamson,

Just a few short years ago there was no such thing as same-sex marriage.  Had polls been commissioned on the subject, the majority of people would have stated their belief that marriage was a solemn agreement between a man and a woman, or a covenant before God between a man and a woman.  In the past 5 years or so, there has been a high-profile, expensive media campaign to change public opinion and, failing that, to create the appearance of a change in public opinion to support “same-sex marriage”.  Having achieved, by undemocratic means, a change in the law, that campaign then transitioned into a campaign of intimidation towards anyone who believes otherwise.

The Red Cross was founded as an organization with deeply held convictions.  Its foundations are firmly laid in Christian compassion and action.  As a leader of this movement you should not be “a reed swaying in the wind” (to borrow a phrase from Jesus), but one who holds firm to the values that made the Red Cross great. 

It was only a few decades ago that any serious student of law and the history of law would have been sure that there was such a thing as Natural Law and all our civil laws were made in such a way as to harmonize with natural law—and that set of foundational beliefs was the underpinning of the Red Cross.  Now, the law professions have abandoned that idea in favour of the idea that law and social values are evolving and that law should only be a reflection of the values of society.  I am sure you can see that once such a change is accomplished, then all social and legal values can be manipulated by those with the power to shape public opinion—or in a more sinister tone, those who claim to have their fingers on the pulse of public values, whether they actually do or not.  We are a ship without a rudder.

The Red Cross should not be blown about by the whims of public opinion or what is presented as public opinion.  Stick to the foundational values and the Red Cross can be great.  Abandon those values to the whim of public opinion and your useful days will be over.

Yours Sincerely,

C L Green

(photo used with permission of Richard Hodgkiss)

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