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Redirecting Our Hunger



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A few weeks ago, I said that I would post another of Dr Atef’s wonderful thoughts on prayer.   If you did not read those, then it would help if you know that he is Egyptian by birth and spent several decades as a “Celibate Priest” in Egypt.  Much of that time was spent in prayerful seclusion.  In recent years, the Lord directed him to relocate near to his sister in Arizona.  Then her husband died and Dr Atef’s assistance was of vital importance.  In the meantime, he was received into the Orthodox Church of North America and many men and women of all ages gathered round him to form a prayerful community.  It is my great privilege to see him from time to time.  I was there in December and he will pay a short visit to Highfield Oval, with two teaching sessions on Friday evening, March 31st, 2019.  The sessions will be open to guests.

The title I have given this is a little misleading because the notes are about more than redirecting hunger, but they do show important insight into our longings and hunger.  For example:

The body and soul of the human being longs for sex and for being united with the other. The world makes him/her constantly hungry, never having enough of this greatest pleasure.”

He then goes on to write about how that hunger after that which will never satisfy can actually be filled by fellowship with God.  These notes are worth meditating upon.

Click on the link below to read the Dr. Atef notes Transforming Prayer.

transforming prayer

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