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Certificates and Sacrifices

A letter from Tom Hallas.

Tom Hallas has long been one of our most senior and influential elders in Asia.  He is known for his huge “father’s heart” for everyone he meets.  He is also a deep thinker.  The message that follows, with its horrific opening scene, will provoke any reader to think, reflect, and to wonder at the power of the Truth.

Dear Ones,

Enclosed is a short paper that I wrote to give expression to some of my thoughts after I fell into the ditch in Africa. Waiting for a procedure to open my artery I had some thinking time.

I’m giving you this as I have another paper by another author to send you that more adequately expresses where I have travelled in my thinking to date. This has been a 20 year journey and I am a little more settled now than I was at the beginning  with Certificates and Sacrifices.

If you’re interested, I would like to hear from you. Nevertheless, I will pass on to you the other paper in a few weeks.

Love and Blessings

Tom Hallas.

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