A big Mistake?

Is it Biblical, or are we making a big mistake?!

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A Big Mistake?

This is the first in a series delivered at YWAM Harpenden. All over the world, evangelicals, Pentecostals, charismatics are engaging with all of society. That is a relatively new phenomenon. Is it Biblical, or are we making a big mistake?!

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  1. Hey Lynn: thanks for this! Podcast!
    I’ve been trying to get in touch on the sphere of business? Wonder if you received it? If you did sorry for hassling you!
    Hey Lynn this is John LaDue from Japan! I listened to your zoom meeting with Loren with great interest as we moved into the business sphere a few years ago! Before that I was blessed to see the sports sphere officially established in YWAM! College of sports and fitness! Anyway my thoughts on the business sphere for us here in Tokyo has been a small circle in the middle with spokes going to a larger wheel that connects the business people! Looks like a wheel with a center hub! Lots more to explain, but hope this gets to you and it makes sense! Thanks and keep up the great work! Still playing ice hockey, well a semblance of the game!!

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