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What a Royal Wedding!

"The Power of Love" Photo by Jeremy Wong from Pexels.


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What a Royal Wedding!
(From Pippa Middleton’s butt to Rev. Michael Curry’s sermon.)

Maybe—just maybe—we have turned a corner and the world of Western Culture is swinging back towards good values and thinking highly of virtues.

On May 19th much of the world celebrated the idea of marriage as a covenant with one another before God.  That well-established foundation stone of our societies had almost become an out-dated oddity in the eyes of the media.  But today we watched it demonstrated and heard it explained with clarity.  What a good sign!

After the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the press focussed on the fact the Kate’s sister, Pippa, had well-proportioned gluteus maximus muscles, or something like that.

Now all the talk is about the rousing sermon of Rev Curry, who when he was asked how he had prepared for the huge, global event said was “just going to show up”.  I loved that!  He preached what he believes and what he lives, so living daily life is the essential preparation.  I won’t try to write what he said, but you really ought to hear it, so:

I have not quoted the New York Times in my blog before today, neither have I quoted the BBC, but I will break with tradition and suggest, especially if you missed the wedding ceremony, that you have a look at both:

I have been searching for signs of our popular culture discovering that the idolatry of sexual adventure will end up destroying us and that our focus on material and physical values leads to shallow living.  So, this is a day for encouragement!

Enjoy it if you can find the time!

Lynn Green.

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