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Coffee with Lynn

"What kind of instigate the change in our Leadership instructor?


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We are excited to share with you a new video series with Lynn Green, which has been produced in partnership with YWAM Harpenden. He has been part of YWAM for more than 45 years and is the former Executive Chairman of YWAM. In this first video, he will be discussing with Clare Mulrooney, leadership in YWAM and some of our changes around eldership.

3 comments on “Coffee with Lynn

  1. Lynn, I enjoyed reading your thought-provoking blog as well as watching your video on leadership and eldership in YWAM. I often wonder what life would be like for us being part of YWAM. I love what I see and hear. I’m still working out what the Ekklesia is supposed to be and look like and how we can best be the unified Body with Christ as the true Head. I’m learning to not live for myself.

    You are an inspiration! Love, Dan

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    • Always good go hear from you, Dan. Your family are a good example of people seeking to obey Jesus when it seems rewarding and equally when it seems just sacrificial!

  2. Erica Butler

    Thanks Lynn. This is such a very helpful summary of what seems to have been a long and constructive journey for my friends with YWAM. It also illuminates questions I have in church contexts that I believe are over-borrowing from both corporatism and OT kingship models – even here in country NSW. Many blessings.

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