" Why I’m Communicating More?"


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  1. Hi Lynn, Bryan Pollard here in Tauranga Bay of Plenty NZ

  2. Tom Kaper

    Good morning Lynn, I missed it live, but I enjoyed it while it was still fresh. My wife and I spent a 3 hour lunch with the directors of YWAM Cimarron, Colorado yesterday, if the restaurant booths were a little more comfortable it could easily have been a 5 hour lunch. We are excited to hear the global impact that YWAM is having, but also how it’s leadership is actively pursuing change. Blessings, Tom

    • Hi Tom! Thanks for the role you played in the process of getting me to communicate more. If you had not seen that video and advised that I watch it to see if God was speaking to me, this blog would not exist, the Facebook page and live stream would not have been done etc. Thanks again!

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