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When Your Leaders Move On

This is a last video of the series about how to get started in leadership. Episode 7


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3 comments on “When Your Leaders Move On

  1. brilliant Lynn …. so helpful

  2. Tom Kaper

    “Trust the Holy Spirit” in others; your statement reminded me to be the humble leader…thank you

  3. Patricia Eachus

    Fabulous on both ends, the person leaving and yourself. If we can learn by someones departure the better leader you become. Also, if it breaks relationship, I, as a leader, have some real homework to do. Ignoring or finger pointing is not the answer. Generally, even when misunderstood you will find at least a smidgen of truth in their commentary about you. It tests our humility before the Lord and how dedicated we are to our own growth no matter the many years of leading under out belt. Life long learning choices in a leader is what I look at and admire.

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