LIVE – Resolution and Relational Problems

Live Stream from 04/10/2019.


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2 comments on “LIVE – Resolution and Relational Problems

  1. How do you handle situations where there is someone you do not have personal relationship with but who is representing YWAM poorly (i.e. teaching bad theology)- let’s say from a leadership position. Should I reach out to them? Should I respond publicly because they are publicly doing wrong? As an emerging leader, I am torn as to what I should do.

  2. Yes, it would be right to reach out to them for a conversation. Before engaging in that, have a look at the very helpful book, “Crucial Conversations”, by Kerry Patterson. It will help you have that conversation in the best atmosphere. If that conversation does not get results, then there will be someone in an eldership role to that leader, so you should contact them and ask them to meet with you and that person who is, in your estimation, teaching poor theology. This process is consistent with the commandments of Jesus in Matthew 18.

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