Why Prophets?

Live Stream from 07/04/2020

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  1. Helen Watt

    Really good to hear what Craig had to say and your reflections on ‘weighing up prophecy’. Thank you. I shall be considering this more as parts of it resonate with other prophetic words given. It’s key that we continue to pray for the UK as there has, as yet, been no public leadership mention of the need for God’s intervention – though we are certainly aware that our national leaders need our prayers more than ever. We have historically acknowledged God’s sovereignity in the past (e.g. National Day of Prayer during WW2). As a nation we have overturned a lot of godly laws since the 1950s, so we should be concerned that it sets a precedent for spiritual vulnerability in this nation which isn’t good. There are a lot of praying Christians in this country too, so we need to stand in the gap at this time – hope we take note of what they’ve done in Brazil and Peru re. public/national days of prayer. May we be humble enough to follow suit! (Happy to Email after Easter if you want to know where I’m coming from, Lynn – sorry such a long comment – but want to encourage you in your role within YWAM to encourage folk to pray at this time, and thanks for leadership by example!)

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