Getting rid of Hierarchy I Part 2

Live Stream from 08/05/2020


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2 comments on “Getting rid of Hierarchy I Part 2

  1. Kent Morgan

    Great to hear this weeks live stream.
    Love the relational hierarchy that you talk about, to be advisers rather than being a dam. (or authoritarian style leadership)

    To be an advisor, loved that we need to repair our relationships too. To always:
    – invite the relationship, validating the other persons feelings,
    – to feel grief when things do not work well for others we are advising.
    – not cause others whom we are advising to feel as if they have to solve our problems.

    Today much of the thrust in our culture is to cultivate egalitarian relationships. Not that egalitarianism is bad, but it is just the fruit of maturing within safe hierarchical relationships.

    So love that you are talking about healthy hierarchical relationships.

    I would guess it cannot easily be done, because most of us have not been in healthy dependent or advisor roles.


  2. Lynn, Kudos on the great ongoing leadership content you are giving!

    Some thoughts/feedback:

    1. I like your easy-going storytelling style. I think it helps many to get their arms around issues and understand principles.

    2. You are a good, and necessary, translator of Loren and Darlene to so many of our leaders.

    3. Since so many are visual, I would recommend that you find someone to help with a few visual aids, such as simply a whiteboard of the 4 corners in an organization, as you shared verbally. It would help those ideas stick.

    4. I like the background and context you set each live-stream. There is so much teaching in that recapping.

    5. Personally, I think that a shorter format might be helpful in the future, such as 2 15-minute live stream sessions per week. (When I see a video clip lasting more than 10 minutes, I’m not sure I want to dive into that. Unless I know the person well.

    Keep it up, such an important online resource to so many, and really, you are addressing the most vital components, the ‘how-to’ or ‘how-not-to’ that every YWAM leaders must learn, either the hard and painful (for many) experiential ways, or the better way of learning from others.


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