Spiritual Abuse in YWAM

Live Stream from 09/10/2020 recorded at the YWAM Harpenden Studio.

10 comments on “Spiritual Abuse in YWAM

  1. Hey Lynn. Good to hear you talk on this subject and address a difficult issue face-on. You invited people to talk to you about it, but it may not be clear how they can do this, outside the very public chat that this context offers. How might people do that?

    • If you are aware of people with some influence in YWAM, talk with them. If you want to communicate further with me, let me know and I will do what I can.

      • Adrian Lock, Deeper Leaders

        Just to be clear, it’s not a complaint about spiritual abuse in YWAM. Laura and my experience in YWAM was difficult and painful at times, but God was doing a deep work in us and we’ll be forever grateful for your ministry and that of others during that time. I guess it was just a suggestion about what might be said in addition to what you covered, that might be helpful.

      • Thanks, Adrian. All four of our children, and now one of our grandchildren, have done DTS and, for most of them, aspects of it were difficult. But they all would say something similar to what you just wrote above. We are in a fallen world, interacting with fallen people and no one ever said it would be smooth sailing. The key to making those experiences fruitful or destructive is on our own hands. If we believe that “he is able to work all things together for good to those love him and are called according to his purposes”, then he will! Thanks again.

    • They can send me a personal email address and I will contact them.

  2. Shirley Alman

    Thanks, Lynn– great job in handling this touchy

  3. Kit Hackett

    Thank you Lynn. Much needed communication.
    41 years in YWAM we have chosen to let all our experiences to draw us closer to Jesus.

    I might add, some people thrive under difficult circumstances. Others don’t. Having been licensed with SIMA for 30 years. Ken Johnson and I have evaluated over 3,000 people. Not all ywamers.
    I remember a team we worked with that had all “challenge and difficulties” people on the team except one “meet needs” individual who was going under quickly. It was a hilarious, painful group feedback time. As we worked in communicating that not all people respond well to a challenge.
    So many factors involved when you are working with Humans.
    I believe you did a great job of holding to principles. I really appreciated this conversation. Thank you.
    PS oh by the way Gene and I are Challenge and Risk people. 😊

  4. I love your podcasts Lynn. Thanks for taking on this tough subject. — Scott Tompkins, Lindale TX

  5. Hey Lynn, I’ve been communicating with a ywam leader about my experiences at my past base. We’ve been discussing options for how to report the spiritual abuse I and multiple others have received at the hands of this base. He has recommended I contact you but I’m unsure how to do that? In the comment thread it says to leave my email so it is
    Please get back to me when you can!

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