Two Very Big Mistakes I have made – Part 2

Live Stream recorded from 07/05/2021 at YWAM Harpenden Studio.



Live Stream recorded from 07/05/2021 at YWAM Harpenden Studio.

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  1. Leoš Heger

    Dear Lynn Green,

    The main reason to write you this is to express gratitude for being able to hear your words and to let you know there is somene outside Britain who is being blessed by what you are doing and saying.

    Thanks to God and to you so much for your sharing and your experiences with leadership.

    It has been a great encouragement for me to listen to your Friday live sessions. I came across your videos only some time ago.
    Especially these two videos about the two mistakes you have made I found very helpful.

    I am part of the leadership team of a church called Living River from a town called Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. We have been here as a group for only a short time, eventhough went through a lot of turmoil in the past concerning the church in our town, different teachings, splits, controversies, mistrust, resentment, …. A lot of people I know are hurt, wounded, discouraged, … But still with my fellow close friends we want to look for ways God wants to restore the church in our community which is a light for the world. We are now about 30 people altogether, kids included. We are a team of 4 elders and sometimes we face pressures within and from outside to have a single leader, a pastor. But from the beginning we strongly believe God wants to have us as a team 🙂. We spend a lot of time talking and praying together to follow the right way. This sometimes seems to be more complicated, maybe slower to make decissions, but there is so much we learn on the way from one another.

    It was so good when you mention the servant heart of a leader. I was also realy touched by how honestly you talked about talking to Lorren about your mistrusting him and about paying respect to the orhodox monk. It is so powerful to hear your openness in talking about your own mistakes. So inspiring.

    Thanks you.

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