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I Followed the Science and got Dizzy

purpose of this article that I am walking straight forward when I am sure a “scientific fact” is true. 

Let’s assume, for purpose of this article that I am walking straight forward when I am sure a “scientific fact” is true.  When that certainty does not stand up to further tests, and some uncertainty is introduced, then I make a left or right turn of 90 degrees.  When a “scientific fact” is disproven, I have to make a U-turn, 180 degrees.

We Managed to Cope

When I started my journey through the Covid pandemic, I was a trusting soul, walking straight ahead on the path laid before me by “science”.  This led to the first lockdown.  Our entire extended family (children and grandchildren, 21 of us) lived within walking distance of Marti and me, so we thought and talked quite a lot.  We decided that since Marti and I are in our seventies, we could claim our daughter, Sharon, who is a nurse, as our carer.  That would make it sensible to declare a two-household “bubble”, so we could have a small measure of family togetherness.  We were pushing the boundaries of the government guidelines, but technically compliant.

Early on, some scientists published articles stating that transmission of the virus when outdoors was very unlikely.  So, we made a small right turn and invited the other family members to come into our back garden.  We knew our behaviour might be questionable to others, but we concluded that we should not totally curtail extended family life because of what others might think.  None of us contracted Covid as we mixed together.

Don’t Touch!  No, it’s Okay.

We were careful to wash our hands and use hand sanitiser at that stage.  Then studies seemed to show that the virus did not survive on surfaces but was viable when airborne.  Shortly after that a large trial was done via widespread testing of surfaces on public transport in the UK.  No viruses were found on surfaces.  We made a U-turn and gave our chapped hands a break.

No Need to Shave for a While

We donned masks for indoor activities and, for the reassurance of others, when in proximity to others, even though outdoors—like standing in the queues outside stores.  Then came the studies that concluded that masks didn’t help much, if at all.  Then came the studies to discredit those studies.  We turned left, then right, then a U-turn and then didn’t know where to turn.

The Dawn of Hope or Fake News?

We heard that the malarial prophylactic, Hydroxychloroquine was very effective as a Covid-19 therapy.  Then the major health authorities, i.e. the World Health Authority, the FDA, Public Health England and similar authorities in most Western nations, declared it to be a dangerous drug.  Our thinking made a rather tentative 180-degree turn.  Then the advocates of Hydroxychloroquine pointed out that billions of doses had been administered over decades and that those same health authorities had declared it, pre-Covid-19, to be an unusually safe drug for the treatment of a wide range of diseases.  We didn’t know which way to turn, so we stood still on that one and pirouetted for a while.

We had barely recovered from that one, when the Ivermectin dispute arose.  It has long been demonstrated to be a remarkable defence against bacteria and inflammation but was also proven effective against a number of viral diseases.  Doctors began to report amazing results in Mexico, India, Argentina, Peru etc.  These were places where the vaccines were too expensive or there was insufficient supply (as the richer nations rolled out universal vaccination policies).  Here was hope for a straight path we could travel!

Then the same health authorities declared Ivermectin to be dangerous too.  They referred to it as a “horse de-wormer” and mocked those who were using it or recommending it.  They failed to mention that it has many applications and that its developers were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine.  Many experts have referred to it as one of the few “wonder drugs” because of its wide range of efficacy and very low risk.  As this exchange unfolded in the press we half turned and then turned back again, but then stayed at about a right-hand turn.  We weren’t too sure at that point.

No More Lockdowns?   Maybe!

Months passed and we were given enough information to evaluate the effectiveness of different national strategies.  Lockdowns didn’t fare well.  Nations that did not lock down didn’t have, as predicted, the highest hospitalisation and mortality rates.  Nations that did lock down still had uncontrollable outbreaks. It was time to make a full U-turn about the long-term effectiveness of lockdown. 

Narrow Thinking.

Then we noted that governments seemed to be unable to take the wide spectrum of policy consequences into account. They seemed to be so busy counting Covid cases, hospitalisations and Covid deaths that they could not consider the impact on children’s education and socialisation; mortality rates of untreated cancers, heart disease etc; mental health and suicide rates; domestic violence; church closures; theatre, sports and recreation curtailments; and the massive damage done to the hospitality and travel industries, retailers and service providers—well, the list just goes on and on.  At this point, we had to stop with our mouths open and stare in unbelief at the absence of wise leadership.

We Were Warned to be Afraid.  But They Weren’t!

We were trying to follow the medical science, as distributed by our government, but gave up in the end.  Our final loss of confidence came when news leaked about the government parties during a strict lockdown period over Christmas 2020.  The hypocrisy was obvious, but the fact that they were not afraid to party without masks, when the general population was warned of the great danger, led us to ask, “What do they know that they are not telling us?  They are intelligent people with access to more information than we have, why are they not afraid?”

Tracking is the Reason

But the insults to our intelligence just kept coming.  Health science experts were discovering that natural immunity after contracting Covid-19 was very good, but governments would not recognise it.  Personally, I still needed to travel on some occasions, so I went ahead and got the vaccinations.  But I still had to ask why those who had recovered had to be restricted as if they had no immunity.  Where was the science behind that?

Then came a very big OOPS!  The vaccine protection did not last very long.  The big pharma companies that had the multibillion dollar/pound contracts to give us the original jabs, needed more money from taxpayers to give them another one after six months—then another one six months later.  How long will this go on?  (And where will the billions come from.  There are only two alternatives, higher taxes, or the indirect tax of hyperinflation.)

Some of these deep-impact contradictions began to make sense when the money was taken into consideration.  Early on, governments had allocated billions of dollars for the development of anti-Covid-19 vaccines.  Their obvious intention was to protect us, but to be sure they were doing that, our vaccination status had to be tracked.  If many people were avoiding the experimental vaccines in favour of therapeutics or because they had natural immunity, then the tracking system could never encompass everyone.   That explained why good reports about Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and other treatments had to be dismissed. 

Is There a Reason Behind Tracking?

At this point (January 2022) there is a welcome debate about the wisdom of legally requiring vaccine passports.  But we have already seen unvaccinated people losing their jobs, and government mandates requiring vaccination for key workers.  In the USA, those Federal Government mandates are being challenged in the courts of many states.

Follow the Money—As Usual.

My family and I have been exchanging articles and information on this subject for the past two years, that is why I am using “we” so much.  About a year ago, we gradually concluded that we would continue to read widely on this subject, but we would more readily believe those who had no conflict of interest.  That tends to cast some doubt on those who have close connections with the profits coming from vaccines, testing and other beneficiaries of this disease.  We are also sceptical of authorities that have large grants from companies or trusts associated with companies that are profiting from Covid-19.  We are also a little more sceptical if the source of information has links with the Communist Party of China.  Those considerations produce question marks over WHO, the FDA, Imperial College London (among many universities and their labs) and many big tech companies.

We understand that no politician wants to be publicly accused of making decisions that failed to protect the public.  When the next election comes, they would rather be accused of overcontrol than lethal passivity.  So we are also somewhat sceptical about politicians. 

Have You Decided Who to Trust?

This pandemic has demonstrated that the subjective and self-interested nature of human beings can warp any scientific processes and claims.  I read an article this morning in which the author, who has taken a very different position than I have in this article, stated that “We must follow the experts.  Choose who you trust and listen to them.”

We have chosen to trust those who have expertise arising from treating patients, who stand to receive no financial benefit, who are not protecting a prestigious position and who are not afraid of online mob action (which sometimes turns to immediate physical threats outside their homes or workplaces).  We choose to be sceptical towards those who overuse threat and fear to motivate the public.  We would not be very attentive to those who say it is immoral to refuse the vaccine.  Accusations, threats and bribes should never be used rather than reliable information. That reliable information must include the risks associated with the vaccines.  There are risks and those risks for children    outweigh the risks of serious Covid-19 illness or death. 

Unreliable Statistics -They Don’t Tell an Accurate Story.

Reliable information also means that the oversimplification and inflating of statistics with the aim of getting more people to take the vaccine should be exposed.  I won’t go into such a major subject here but have a look at whether people have Covid prior to hospitalisation or contract it in hospital. Look at the extent to which obesity increases risk.  Look at the difference between dying WITH Covid or dying FROM Covid.  Look up the average age of the people who die of Covid (over 82 years in the UK).  Look up the percentage of Covid -19 deaths with co-morbidities (that means a disease or condition likely to cause death—it is nearly 93%).

THINK! And Stay Free.

The past two years have seen the curtailment of many freedoms and incalculable damage to our societies.  Government control has been extended more than most of us would have ever thought possible.  Those who question official pronouncements and restrictions have been labelled and gagged by the greater authorities and influences.  Many of us have had these questions but have been quiet for a variety of reasons.  Freedom comes only when dissenting opinions can be aired and when all sides of issues can be examined and discussed publicly without recrimination.

It is time to decide who you will listen to, to stay open to new information, to question those who are most concerned with being re-elected, to distrust those who are profiting from Covid-19, to discuss, debate and SPEAK UP!  Whatever position you take, stay open to new information and engage in the debates and conversations.  That is the only way a free society can survive.

Lynn Green and his wife Marti first came to England and began the work of Youth With A Mission here in 1971. From 2004-2011 Lynn was YWAM’s International Chairman. He continues to convene YWAM’s global leadership meetings, and focuses much of his energy on international leadership development.

26 comments on “I Followed the Science and got Dizzy

  1. David Cowie

    Excellent comment.

  2. Still smiling at you pirouetting!!!

    • I’m not sure what image you concocted in your imagination, but I assure you that my leotards are very modest.

  3. Thanks for speaking up. May more leaders follow you’re example!

  4. Mike Stevens

    I highly recommend reading of Tim Harford’s book “The Data Detective” (or “How to make the world add up”. Information sources, data sizes, percentages (but on how many in reality), transparency, check what is missing / not included etc.
    Harford received an OBE in 2019 for services to improve economic understanding. His book helps us thread through the misinformation and seek the real truth. This latest book even covers some CoVid misinformation.

  5. Susan Linda Murphy

    Thanks Lynn, Really support your position on this. As you are aware I contracted COVID 19 and as a consequence pneumonia. It nearly proved fatal. But since recovering, this is ongoing, the bias, passive aggression towards me being “non-vaccinated” has been overwhelming at times. According to Pfzier’s own Research scientists, as a survivor with now natural immunity, I am 27x times less likely to get the disease again than those who are double vaccinated, but I am continually not allowed to enter restaurants, public places, get blamed ( as a member of those selfish non vaccinated people) for the increase of pressure on publc hospitals, doctors and nurses. I am medically unable to get the vaccine. I do feel like a leper. I agree that people MUST get reliably informed, and not be misled by those with an agenda. Thank you for this clear and informative article.

  6. Kit Hackett

    I totally agree. Beautifully said. I sent to several people

  7. Kalafi Moala

    Dear Lynn, New Year greetings, and thank you for your brilliant and very balanced article. This is a huge issue in our neck of the woods! Can I please repost your article to our readership on “Talanoa ‘o Tonga” website? I would need to introduce you as “my friend from UK”. Thanks and cheers, Kalafi Moala.

  8. Warwick Murphy

    Well said Lynn. I think we are all questioning government pronouncements that seem to alter every few days. Your comments about the connection to who is making money out of this is also important. It will be truly interesting to see what the future holds with regards to any new political movements in the west particularly. Certainly here in Australia politicians have been made to look rather silly the longer this goes on.

  9. Thank you Lynn for such a well thought out and articulated article. It follows in line with much of my own journey and conclusions over the last 22-months.

  10. All completely true, thank you. The best we can say for the vaccines is that they’re experimental and have caused more deaths and side effects than all other vaccines put together. See VAERS. Please keep them away from the children.

    • I’m sorry but this isn’t true. It was alleged in a posting on 22nd Sept on a website known for spreading misinformation, and is strongly disputed on a Reuters facts-checking site here:

      On the contrary, all the approved vaccines have repeatedly been shown to greatly reduce te risk of hospitalisation and death. With 90% of over 12’s in the UK having had at least one dose, where are these thousands who have allegedly died of it? Zero risk is not achievable, but the evidence is overwhelmingly that the risk of taking the vaccine is outweighed many times by the risk of refusing it.

  11. Helen McLaughlin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, This is where so many of us have walked, talked and questioned!


    Excellent, I agree we are being ordered about and it’s not voluntary…I live in Sheltered housing in the out skirts of Aberdeen, Scotland. My neighbours are to scared to go into Aberdeen anymore. Our main Street has bees halved in size as bus stops are places on the main other lane of our main Union Street, you could not get down the streets off of Union Street, they were closed. Part of the street is to be pedestrianised, so disabled people can no longer shop Lego on that section yet delivero drive all over it. The other section you not allowed to use it !!! And that is supposed to be our main Street !! Other plans to change our main areas are all over the place.. Yes we are watching them, and it’s not about the people or the children anymore…they locked us in answers at work behind our backs to control and take over this city… It’s becoming like a ghost town with many shops ect all gone already…. There DEFINATELY is a bigger picture !!!! But we don’t know about it yet… It’s shocking….. And it’s no longer to help us the people anymore.

  13. howellegmailcom

    Hi Ros,

    This is Lynn Green’s post. You may like to read it, “I followed the science.”


  14. Claire Nicholls

    In reading this, my own personal journey and processing feels validated. I have not read many articles, but been more inclined to observe impact and manipulation around me.
    Thank you for writing such a clear, helpful, championing message.

  15. Robert Griffing

    Thank you, Lynn.

    You provided a careful, searching chronology. Like many of us in the habit of listening for the truth in this shifting scenario, your analysis can’t declare, “This is the right take on things.” So we keep on, trying to make wise decisions, while serving the Lord within the current limits we face.

  16. But most of all be thankful to God for His goodness. History is full of examples of misinformation and the powerful using ‘information for their own ends. Instead fix you eyes on Jesus. Remember too that God’s purposes are fulfilled through mandates issued by pagan rulers. Remember He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He is exalted. To be truthful I haven’t read the blog carefully so I apologise but life is short and I am looking forward to seeing God’s purposes being fulfilled and setting my heart on all that he is saying.

    • Kit Havkett

      Please carefully read the whole article. It is so well written. Always our eyes on the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. 💕

  17. Money is the root of many evils, but not all, and I don’t think it’s right to heap quite so much blame on its influence in this case. The mistake is to imagine that science has all the answers. Science doesn’t give answers, it only gives working theories. Some of those theories become extremely well founded to the extent that it would be foolish to disregard their conclusions, but even then, they may in time be superceded by a more comprehensive theory. In the case of Covid it’s been extremly difficult to tease out the facts from the many ethnic, age-related, socio-economic and medical factors, given incomplete statistics which in all likelihood contain sampling biases, and in the face of a constantly mutating virus. Not only that, but its effect on the human body is devious, extremely complex and even now, far less well understood than we would like. So all theories and suggested prophylactics or treatments must be regarded as provisional until multiple studies have confirmed their validity. Whilst some have passed the test we must expect many others to be found wanting, or to be proven plainly wrong, and for others, such as the cost/benefit equation for lock-downs, we will have to wait for the historians in 10 or 20 years to make up their minds. Yes, absolutely, we follow the best advice science can give us, but don’t expect it to be right all the time, and certainly don’t make the mistake (as some have) of thinking we know better. Specifically in the case of Ivermectin, a crucial study was found to contain fraudulant errors which blew it out of the water. Some doctors, doubtless feeling powerless in the face of such an inscrutable adversary, ill-advisedly but perhaps understandably clung to it as a straw of hope, as did influencers such as Trump and Bolsanaro, both of whom seem to regard the truth as whatever they want the truth to be. I’m not sure any reliable sources trumpeted it as “very effective”.

    I sometimes think that if anyone two years ago had attempted to write a movie plot about a pandemic, they would never have come up with a disease half as devilish as Covid. And the chances are, it’s still got a trick or two up its sleeve.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. The money issue is very clear, though. Please take the time to listen to Dr. Peter McCullough–especially his lecture to about 500 doctors from a few months ago. It is about an hour long, but bits of it are highly technical and can be fast-forwarded. He has more published papers in this field than any other academic in his generation. Then, listen to Dr. Robert Malone, one of the key developers of the mRNA vaccine technology. They are among the most distinguished authorities who are incensed at the way financial incentives have led to decisions that do not seem to have the health of the people at heart. As for Ivermectin, the study that is often quoted must be looked into. The team that ran the study purposely administered doses that were many times the recommended maximum. These were administered to residents of a nursing home and there were several fatalities reported that were attributed to Ivermectin. Ivermectin has been administered in billions of doses over the past three decades and has been declared non-toxic by WHO and the FDA. They are still prescribing it widely for other uses, whilst declaring to to be unsafe in the context of the Pandemic. Uttar Pradesh, with a population about the size of the USA, brought their Covid pandemic under control in just a few weeks with Ivermectin being the lead medication prescribed. Note that the attacks on these two men are everywhere on the internet, but check out the facts about the effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, two of the most widely prescribed medications in recent decades. Doctor Ben Goldacre warned us about the toxic impact of Big Pharma in his well-documented book, Big Farma, some years back. The huge amounts of money at stake has thoroughly warped much of the current practices of medicine. I am grateful for all the good done, (neither my wife, nor I would be alive without advanced mediations) but we must be well-informed and careful.

  18. Desmond.addison

    This is an interesting and honest response to a worldwide issue, an issue which it honestly has to be said that worldwide church leaders have avoided like the plague….or the virus, there has been no unified response from the church, unless you include the demented ramblings from various irrelevant archbishops or popes.
    So to read a detailed almost diary like account of a families journey through this …scamdemic… is interesting to say the least, every change, every back track is noted, rightly so!
    but what is missing??
    The writer draws no conclusion!
    He does not draw attention to the flawed PCR test which produces 95% of ALL false positives, and this omission is the BASIS of all the cases, the hospitalizations, giving the opportunity to unscrupulous auditors to include non covid deaths as positive covid deaths, thereby increasing the fear of an otherwise semi serious illnesses, it should be noted at this stage that HM government reduced the status if covid 19 to that of an notifiable disease in March of 2020 prior to the first lockdown.
    I am only concerned about the lies continually told to a compliant population , many of whom follow these ridiculous rules without question, the writer drew attention to the hypocrisy of the rule makers but stopped short of calling out the lies evident,
    Perhaps someone with a stronger backbone is needed

    • Thanks Desmond. There was SO MUCH more to say, but it was already a very long article. There were the issues surrounding masks–again very narrow thinking led to a failure to analyse the damage done to children and others. Germany recently published results of a survey of the effect of masks on school children and weighed them against the possible protection they provide. It leaves no doubt that the damage of mask-wearing far outweighs any actual protection. Then there is the (in the USA) financial incentives for hospitals from federal government for every Covid patient treated. Highly qualified experts like Dr Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Pierre Kori are worried about the obvious temptation that presents to hospital administrators. (I know of a cases where hospital doctors were repeatedly instructed to put Covid on the death certificate in cases where another cause was much more obvious. It happened on my mother’s death certificate.) Then there was the further federal financial incentive if the patient “had to be” put on a ventilator. This would be a plausible explanation for why all home treatment therapies were discredited and any mention of them on social media was censored. I could go on, but now this one is long enough.

  19. Dear Lynn, thank you so much for SPEAKING UP! Thank you so much for your bravery, it means a lot to me.
    Love and blessings from the Netherlands.

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