Dispelling a Myth about YWAM

Live Stream recorded from 05/08/2022 at YWAM HarpendenStudios.

Live Stream recorded from 05/08/2022 at YWAM HarpendenStudios.

** This is a personal podcast and reflects my thoughts and convictions. It does not represent any official position held by Youth With A Mission.**

Lynn Green and his wife Marti first came to England and began the work of Youth With A Mission here in 1971. From 2004-2011 Lynn was YWAM’s International Chairman. He continues to convene YWAM’s global leadership meetings, and focuses much of his energy on international leadership development.

5 comments on “Dispelling a Myth about YWAM

  1. Excellent perspective Lynn!

  2. Carol Jackson

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to put this into words for my non YWAM family. You have set it out very clearly. 🤓

  3. Thank you so much for this! Such important information. What I am wondering though, is that how do new staff members find out about these things? Especially in smaller bases, if the leadership doesn’t give information in the beginning such as “BTW in case you will have issues with us, no worries, here’s the information for the accountability people”? At least on a quick glance I couldn’t find that information on ywam.org.

    • That is a very good question. There is no doubt that we struggle to disseminate principles of this nature. Any ideas??

      • I wish I had😄 But I think it would be great if there was at least some information available on ywam.org that is specifically for all the Ywamers to read about these things -yet I don’t know if people would go there for that information..🤷🏼‍♀️

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