About Me

Lynn Green is a small-town Colorado boy who ended up living more than 40 years in and around London, England.  He successfully courted Marti DeFebbo, the secretary of YWAM’s Founders, Loren and Darlene Cunningham.  Before they knew it they had produced a whole crowd of kids and grandkids so that the immediate family now numbers 20.  They all live within a mile radius of one another on the north edge of London.

Their lives are thoroughly international, but are also anchored around the family home which is part of a missions training community, a University of the Nations campus.  They have found enduring friendships with people who inspire them in the big global family of Youth With a Mission.

Senior leadership in YWAM and other public ministry have taken Lynn to more than 110 nations.  Some of his adventures include being part of the founding team of March For Jesus and he initiated and led the Reconciliation Walk, giving the opportunity to more than 2,500 people to walk portions of the route of the First Crusade apologizing for atrocities done in the name of Jesus.

Lynn and Marti continue their commitment to taking the good news of Jesus to everyone and currently focus mostly on China and the Middle East.

3 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi Lynn, The only time I saw you or heard you speak was at university of Kent Christian Union in 1970-ish. All I remember was YWAM! The Lord sent me to Philippines in 2001. I worked for Book of Hope and we did an outreach in Mamburao on the island of Mindoro in 2002 where I met some YWAMers – the first ones for 32 years! Things then moved fast. Every book I read had YWAM in it or so it seemed and I ended up doing my DTS at Antipolo Base at the grand age of 57. In 2013 the Lord clearly called us to move back to the Subdivision where the Base is situated and we built a house only a 2 minute walk away. We are now doing Youth Alpha courses for the local squatter kids, in our house. Amazing how things work out? Blessings, Nick Fell.


  2. Hi Lynn. Came across old handwritten (and typed) letters from 1971 – got me wondering how you guys were doing. Not up to date with YWAM for quite a while. Like myself you probably reason: “Where did those years go.?” But I was one of a group of three Northern Irish persons joining you back in the day. The name is Ken Riddles – but then how could you possibly remember? 😎 Anyway just a quick hello. Blessings to you and your family. Love to Marti. ken.riddles@btinternet.com – and – seedsinmotiontruthnart.wordpress.com


    • Thanks for getting back in touch, Ken. I think Marti has already got back to you. It was very kind of you to stir up some old, wonderful memories of our times in Northern Ireland.


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