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The Hare with the Amber Eyes

by Edmund de Waal


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By Edmund de Waal

Rothchild, Ephrussi – two powerful banking families but only one of those names is widely known today.  Why?  How did two Jewish families, one from Frankfurt and the other from Odessa in the Ukraine become so powerful in international finance and political matters? 

 This fascinating book, which follows the rise and demise of the Ephrussi family, was recommended to me by my friend Albert Joly.  The author is a descendant of the Ephrussi family and a renown artist.  Marti and I read it on holiday a few years ago and couldn’t stop talking about it.  The Ephrussi family gained a monopoly on wheat from the Ukraine in the late 1700s.

From that base, they went into banking and were architects of the modern banking system.  Within two generations they had homes and banks in the most influential capitols of Europe, were patrons of the great impressionist artists and friends with heads of state across the continent. 

All that began to change in the 1930s.  Both families were primarily based in Austria and had been donors to and supporters of the government.  When Hitler rose to power, the Rothchild’s began moving assets to Switzerland and other nations but the Ephrussi’s were sure they would be safe.  You can guess why their name is not known today.

The title of this book might have piqued your interest, but I won’t produce an explanation here. Just read this wonderfully creative, brilliantly written, history of some of the greatest power brokers in history.


4 comments on “The Hare with the Amber Eyes

  1. Hey Lynn, I was not so bold to approach you today after you taught on ‘How to Make Money’, but it really made an impact on my heart regarding my commitment to the y-organization. The title of your teaching sounded controversial to me, and I sought to find out if Y-company has a biblical view on money or if it was apart of a pyramid scheme or prosperity gospel thing …. and I was so so excited by your teaching and how it aligns with the bible. I learned so much, and as a new member of Y, your foundational teachings (the past couple days) has given me peace about the commitment God has called me to.
    Thank you for everything you shared.

  2. Thanks very much for the encouragement, Shelby! I’m back home now. It was such a great time together with that crowd!

  3. Debbie Lundberg

    I was writing to express my appreciation for a blog post from last summer, related to Holy Land, Chosen people., which I recently discovered browsing through your blog posts.

    I was curious if this email reply is posted publicly on the blog comment section?

    I am grateful that you would write so thoughtfully but forthrightly on this controversial topic, for many reasons it was a tremendous encouragement to me.

    SIncerely, Debbie Lundberg, Staff, YWAM Creative Communication LInks.

    • Thanks, Debbie. Your encouragement is appreciated! Yes, your comment is posted publicly. I will remove it if you wish.

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