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The Send (Brazil)

They closed the registration site after 28 hours because nearly 125,000 had registered or tried to, only to find that all places were taken within the first few hours.


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A Youth movement of astonishing proportions is occurring around the world.  At the moment, it is under the radar here in Europe, but I want to tell you about it and also to encourage you to pray that the young people of Europe will also engage with this very significant development.

Essentially, it consists of at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of committed Christian young people who really believe that they can change the world for the better.  The most obvious manifestations of this movement are occurring in large events. Many know about Soul Survivor for example here in the UK but that is just one example.

A few months ago, there was a Missions called “The Send” in a stadium in Orlando with about 55 thousand people in attendance.  The sense of God’s presence reported by all who were there was palpable and there were countless healings, young people committing themselves to Missions and astonishingly committing themselves to adopt a million children over the next several years!  A commitment, which is linked to their deep concern over how many babies are killed in the womb.

The YWAMers and others who have formed a collation for “The Send” felt God saying they should go to Brazil next.  While I was in the Middle East with some of them just a few days back, they opened registration for a stadium event in São Paulo.  The stadium has a capacity of 65 thousand.  In the first few hours the website was open that capacity was exceeded.  Those who registered had to pay too, and still it was exceeded.  They closed the registration site after 28 hours because nearly 125,000 had registered or tried to, only to find that all places were taken within the first few hours.

The Send Brazil (Trailer)


Whilst in the Middle East I met with some of the younger leaders who are organising event.  They had just finished praying about what to do about their “problem”.  As I write they are exploring the availability of two other large stadia in São Paulo.  This Brazilian “The Send” will happen on February 8th and has already served to illustrate that a great Missions movement has arisen in Brazil.  I am excited about that!

Word about “The Send” is spreading rapidly around the world.  Now it’s not hard to imagine that a million new missionaries could be added to the “labourers in the harvest”.  In our life-time, we could see the scriptures available to every home on earth.  And the good news about the grace of God in Christ Jesus could be proclaimed to every person on earth!

Lynn Green.

2 comments on “The Send (Brazil)

  1. Patricia Eachus

    I believe we will see a harvest in Europe and we should be prepared to disciple. My prayer is that God will help engage the Catholics as that could, along with China be the greatest impact of the Great Commission.


  2. Reblogged this on GlobalCAST Resources and commented:
    Are you aware of and praying for this missions mobilization movement… in Brazil?!?


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