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Is the Prophecy True?

With our faith strengthened, let's pray that well-proven prayer,  "LORD HAVE MERCY, LORD HAVE MERCY, LORD HAVE MERCY" and banish this corona virus!

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I took an unusual step on April 6th and published a predictive prophecy about Covid-19.  If you have a look at it, you will see that Craig from Northern Ireland said the Lord had told him it would end in 24 days from the time he heard the message.  That would make it April 8th or 9th.  (The context was not global, but UK-wide.)

Since then, the news has been consistently bad, leaving an overall impression that the pandemic is getting worse in the UK.  Today, with new figures published from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and the benefit of two weeks of hindsight, Philip Johnson published an article in the Daily Telegraph.  This quote comes from that article:

“Figures from the ONS yesterday showed that, in the week to April 10, there were 18,500 deaths in the UK which is 7,000 more than average because of Covid-19 but about the same as in the first week of January 2000, a bad flu year.

According to Prof Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University and a clinical epidemiologist, we passed the peak of deaths on April 8, which suggests that the mortality from Covid-19 is not much worse than it was 20 years ago. Indeed, with a much higher and older population, it is statistically less so. Arguably, it has been suppressed by the lockdown and yet two countries that have not had one, Sweden and South Korea, have fared better than the UK.

Prof Heneghan says infection rates halved after the Government urged people to wash their hands and distance themselves from others on March 16. But ministers “lost sight” of the evidence and rushed into an unnecessary lockdown.”

In spite of the general impressions conveyed by the media, the worst might well have passed.  The other part of that prophecy was that Covid-19 would disappear faster than it came.  So far, we don’t have a lot of evidence for that, but the statement from Professor Heneghan encourages me to pray in faith that this virus will leave our nation and the other nations of the world faster than the predictions.  It has been written and said many time in the past week or two that we will have live with this for years.  May it not be so!

With our faith strengthened, let’s pray that well-proven prayer,  “LORD HAVE MERCY, LORD HAVE MERCY, LORD HAVE MERCY” and banish this corona virus!


6 comments on “Is the Prophecy True?

  1. Indeed, the numbers began to shift on Passover. Chuck Pierce prophesied about this pandemic in Sept. 2019 and also said that Passover would be a defining shift downward. Indeed that’s exactly what happened. Several other prophets has similar words about various aspects of what the Lord is doing in this time. The pandemic isn’t over, but the shift has begun. God is at work, the prayers of His people make a difference.

  2. Kit Hackett

    Amen, I also saw a downward trend where I live in Washington state. That started around that date. My observation, with prophetic words, is they seldom look the way we think they should look. No one recognized the Messiah when he came. His ways are not our ways.

  3. David Brodie

    I didn’t do much better than Craig. I had a dream that I perceved implied things would begin to open up April 22, today! Though Trump today tweeted “The USA s now open for business” today it stll certainly is not looking as rosy as I expected. But still this might end up beng the turning point and perhaps the next week or two could see thngs take a dramatc downturn as a number have projected. Lets see!

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