Multiplying Leadership for the Wave that is Coming

LIVE - Multiplying Leadership for the Wave that is Coming

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  1. Hi, Lynn,

    Thank you for sharing on this subject. I am a YWAM staff, and God has also put this in my heart, so I have been following your videos on this and eldership. I had done my DTS and SBS about 10 years ago, and after that time, I was at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for studying for 3 years(1 year was internship). And at BSSM, I really saw how the church and school had been leading us in a way that was flattening this hierarchy structure. What I saw was that people grew very fast into their gifting, and became very innovative and full of passion to do God’s work. God called me back to YWAM to staff, and I really have a heart to see what you say in your videos be tested out.

    1 week ago, I felt God was speaking to me bout this new structure, and I came to read this book called “I see a New Apostolic Generation” by this prophet Jeremiah Johnson. He said God gave him a vision about how God is speaking to churches who runs with hierarchical structure, and say to them, “let my people go.” God spoke to him about how He is establishing this new wineskin for the coming revival that will be run not within a hierarchical structure, but more a flattening the hierarchy kind of way. He continued to talk about how they run their church with the way of “eldership,” and how that really work out for them. (if you are interested, would like to see your thoughts on that book if you ever be interested to read it.)

    So I started to search your videos on “Eldership” because I remember i once had seen them. And then right when I was doing that I saw your online streaming came on, so that’s how I came to watch this video live. And to my joyful surprise, you were talking about this topic again. I am not completely sure how Bethel runs their church, but I think I did see a picture of a similarity of what you talk about here been tested out in our ministry school there. Would really like to see this be walked out in YWAM, because I believe this is God’s Word. This is how we will be able to be prepared for the revival that is coming!

    God has been spoken to me quite much about this, and I am not sure what He is leading me to next about thinking so much about this, Today I just watched your 2 live chat about “flattening the hierarchy,” really enjoyed watching them. If you ever going to have a leadership training or team training on this, please let us know!

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