Money: The Great Seducer

Live Stream recorded from 15/01/2020 at the YWAM Harpenden.

2 comments on “Money: The Great Seducer

  1. Kit Hackett

    Thank you again Lynn for the stirring your Words bring. We have endeavored to live by these principles for 42 years with YWAM. At the Beginning of COVID, when Natural thinking says will we lose supporters in this Season? I heard Him say be faithful to the ones I have entrusted to your care and I will be faithful to you. So with His marvelous sense of humor he added 3 more people. I thought to myself. I am sure happy these people are Your responsibility. So He provides and I get to sign the check. What a great Dad.
    But I will keep checking where He wants His money to Go. Thank you.

  2. great talk as ever

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